Monday, February 09, 2004

VALENTINES GIFT: Apparently, one day, we might wake up to discover My Bloody Valentine box sets galore. Of course, we're delighted by the news that virtually everything they ever did is going to be made available again, although we're slightly vexed that our pension plan (which consisted mainly of early Valentines stuff) has just been knocked for six. Let's just hope that Telescopes Perfect Needle 12" holds its value, eh? Box One will consist of This Is Your Bloody Valentine (1985); Geek EP (1985); The New Record By... EP (1986); Sunny Sundae Smile EP (1987); Strawberry Wine EP (1987); Ecstacy (1987) and the previously untouched Live 1984-87 2xCD; Box Two will be the oddities collection, with You Made Me Realise EP (1988); Feed Me With Your Kiss EP (1988); Isn't Anything alternate versions and outtakes [previously unreleased]; Glider EP (1990); Tremolo EP (1991); Loveless alternate versions and outtakes [previously unreleased]; Live 1987-92 3xCD [previously unreleased]. We should stress here that this is all unofficial, and we're not talking about anything that's going to happen in Supatonic's lifetime - late next year; maybe early 2006, but compared with how long you'd be waiting, say, for Kevin Shields to turn up if you'd arranged to meet him in the pub, that's almost nothing. There could also be a DVD, but then that wouldn't be unexpected if they were sticking out boxes anyway.

In other box set go news, Siouxie and The Banshees are meant to be releasing a cuboid compendium of their own; this is going to be happening a lot more nearer to where we are now.

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