Saturday, March 06, 2004

AFTER GETTING ART, THEY'RE NOW MOPPING UP ALL THE OLD ROCKERS: In what seems to be a kind of desperate sweep to pick up any aging rocker they come across, New York Cops have felt the collar of David Crosby, arresting him at a Times Square Hotel. he's been charged with possession of dope and guns. Bloody hell, if he'd gone for fucking in the street as well he'd have had the full set.

Turns out when he'd left the hotel, he'd forgotten one of his suitcases and when a bellhop went through the suitcase to find if there was anything worth pinching ("loooking for something that would identify the owner") he came across an ounce of cannabis, an illegal hunting knife and a gun. If he's convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison - almost as long as one of Neil Young's solos.

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