Tuesday, March 09, 2004

THE AGE OF DIDDY AT AN END?: P DeeDooDooDooDeeDahDahDah has hinted that he might not make any albums after the current one. Puff reckons that he wants to choose when he stops recording and not leave that decision to a record company boss or, as is more traditional in the rap world, a bloke driving by in a low-rider with an Uzi bought on Ebay. He's appealing for calm, though:

"I don't want nobody to just go crazy or nothing. It's not going to be as dramatic or traumatic as Jay-Z retiring."

Well, so far Western Civilisation seems to have taken the news pretty well - the NYSE hasn't opened down and there doesn't seem to be the sound of circling helicopters as the troops try and keep control, so we'll assume that people are saying "Of course it's not as dramatic, Combs is a wheezy old geezer whose entertainment value lays mainly in the many court reports he appears in, while Jay-Z is a young buck at the peak of his talents."

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