Friday, March 12, 2004

AND TONIGHT, MATTHEW, I'M GOING TO BE LEAVING...: It truly is the end of an era, as Matthew Kelly announces his intention to quit lookalikey-karaoke show Stars In The Eyes after tomorrow night's live grand final. Kelly took over the show eleven years ago, following the death of host (and answer to the best trivia question ever 'who is Phil Lynott's father in law?') Leslie Crowther, and has been in charge of putting people at their ease before they disappear through the doors ever since. Except for the short period where he was laying low during the kiddie-fiddling investigation, of course. Now he's stepping aside to concentrate on his acting career - he won an Olivier award this year, and we're sure Channel Four would love to revive his Holding The Fort spin-off Relative Strangers - leaving a gap at the helm of the show. We're hoping they give it to Davina, if only to spare us Love on A Bloody Saturday Night.

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