Friday, March 26, 2004

BAD REVIEW: We were delighted a couple of Corries back when the Weatherfield Recorder ran Ken Barlow's review of the Webster child's school production of Grease - as Norris pointed out, it was on page 32. The selfsame page the eponymous Bad Review in the Half Man Half Biscuit song appeared on. Hopefully the storyline would have been an object lesson to all - singers, actors, singer-songwriters and their soon to be ex-wives - that responding to a bad review makes you look even more shit than the performance which lead to the review in the first place did.

We're thinking that maybe we should send over a tape of that episode to Ryan Adams, a man who seems incapable of just shrugging and walking away from any criticism at all. He called up Pitchfork for an interview telling them how much he loved, no, really, loved, their scathing review of his work and suggestions that he's actually gone a bit shit, but thathe wanted to put his side, too. On the plus side, though, Amanda Petrusich manages to get a good interview out of him, in which he pledges he'd never call Sting up and tell him to stop making records because he sucks. Which must come as a bit of a relief for Sting, then. But it's actually the first Adams piece I've read in about two years that hasn't made me want to use him as the sample in my 'can people float in a bowl of piping hot chicken soup' experiments.

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