Thursday, March 25, 2004

BROWN IN THE RED, SO HE'S BACK IN THE POUND: Bobby Brown broke down and sobbed as he realised he was heading straight into jail again, so soon after getting an early release from a Georgia prison so he could trot off over to Massacheusetts for a child support hearing. It turns out that he owes the mother of his children about sixty thousand bucks. The court didn't believe Brown when he said he couldn't pay because he had "no job and no income." His own attorney was so scathing about Brown's career we're thinking of offering him a guest spot on No Rock - he admitted that his client had been successful in the 80s and early 90s but "he has been nowhere near that in recent years." Brown seems convinced he's about to make a film and a new album, which somehow he's going to turn around in thirty days, but the judge refused to believe he'd not got an advance on all this work and knocked back an offer of ten grand now, fifteen by the end of next week and a friendly chat about the rest, and sent him to prison for ninety days or until he comes up with a better offer. Only trouble is, of course, on May 5th Brown is due in another court, back in Georgia, over charges relating to the beating Whitney incident. Whitney, meanwhile, has checked herself out of drug rehab and so that should make for an interesting hearing.

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