Friday, March 26, 2004

H-A-R-M-OW: Trouble at SXSW: Har Mar Superstar loses it after he gets hit in the face by a giant penis - although it was when the cock-tosser then poured a drink over Mr. Superstar's head that Har went all Grr and a bit punchy - or rather, threw some garbage at him.

Elsewhere at SXSW, a security guard needed surgery after a scuffle at a Chikinki gig. Mind you, this really boils down "blood spilled in brawl in Texas bar on a Saturday night" so it's not so much of a news story as it might have been.

Also in the 'when audiences cause trouble' file: Fran Healy is trying to recast his outburst during Travis' Cardiff gig as 'good humoured':

"Hey all.. For what it's worth, from where we were standing, we thought the gig was brilliant. Lots of excitement on stage and happy faces wherever I looked. There was the coin throwing, maybe meant as a donation to my busking I think. It was meant in good humour but you should never throw coins at a stage, it's a big no no. When I pulled whoever did it up he was booed into next week. Thank you Cardiff."

Yeah, it's all in fun, and maybe those people who were throwing coins at you didn't know they could hurt, eh? (Or perhaps they didn't realise it's more fun if you heat them up first?). We wonder if Fran always views assaults in such a positive way - "Ha-ha, yes, poke the knife in like that - careful, not at an angle, that hurts a little bit more like that... ho-ho, yes, my nose probably could do with a gentle reshaping... was that a bone crunch? Oh, you are a one..."

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