Wednesday, March 24, 2004

LIMP BIZKIT BOMB: The standard example of the limits to freedom of speech is that nobody has the right to cry 'fire' in a crowded theatre. And everybody would agree with that. However, you're almost tempted to make an exception to the general rule to allow people the right to call in bomb threats to disrupt Limp Bizkit shows, as happened in Katowice, Poland. Details of what actually happened are vague, with the warning being given variously to the police, the promoter and the venue at some point between two hours and five minutes before the Bizkit were due to go on, and oddly, Fred Durst seems to be claiming that he took the decision to evacuate the concert hall in the face of opposition of the police (who expected a riot) and the promoter (who was worried about his money). You often find that when police are taking a bomb threat seriously, they'll leave it to a pudgy American to make the call on what to do. There was, of course, no riot of fans, who seem to have been remarkably calm about the news that they'd have to go home without seeing little Freddie jiggling in his bright red cap.

Durst is very quick to stress that he's got film of the police telling him about the bomb, almost as if he thought people might accuse him of making the bomb up to get out of playing. How cynical does he think people are?

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