Wednesday, March 24, 2004

MOTHER, GET OUT OF THAT TREE: Ginsoakedboy writes to us, perhaps a little harshly, to say:

...but it's nice to see that the mother of Nicky Wire, the biggest tosser on the planet, is in some distress about some wood somewhere.
There really is no band, other than the Manics, who would make me want to bulldoze cute animals, but there you go.

He's bringing Nicky Wire's Mom Irene Jones and her struggle to save some trees in Blackwood. It turns out the British Police now have some sort of experts in enivornmental protester removal at their disposal, although it seems Mother Wire only required some gentle coaxing before she quit, in tears:

"Nicky has been supporting me and we've done all we can. But I don't feel that I've done enough. I shouldn't have come here today - it's so upsetting.

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