Monday, March 22, 2004

OLD PEOPLE ROCK OUT: We got really excited when we heard that Bob was going to be returning for a UK tour. We were crushed to discover it was Bob Dylan plotting British Isle dates and not indie-champions Bob (who did 'Convenience', a song which can still find itself on our internal jukebox without a moment's notice.)

Lights also once turned green just for Madonna's convenience, but now she has to work harder; which is probably why the "Re-invention Tour" is being billed as a greatest hits set - basically, yer Here and Now tour on a slightly larger scale. In the UK, she's booked up Earls Court for August 18th (just the one night?), popping herself into the venue that's used for the Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition and the Boat Show. Interestingly, her manager has seemed to let the cat out of the bag:

"Madonna has already started rehearsals for The re-Invention Tour and she can't wait to get back on stage to recreate her songs from the earliest days of her career up to the present. There is no doubt that this tour will be the pinnacle of her long standing and well deserved reputation as one of the most exciting live performers of our time. And, as a special treat to her fans, existing Icon fan club members will have access to tickets prior to the on-sale dates in local markets."

So this is the pinacle of her career, is it? Which would mean, then, all downhill from here? And the 'special treat' of being allowed to buy tickets a little earlier is stetching the definition somewhat - a few quid off, or a signed photo or secret CD - that would be a special treat. Getting a couple of hours jump on buying tickets ahead of the hoipolli - that's surely the bare minimum you'd expect if you've clung to the faith long enough to still be a member of an expensive Madonna fan club in 2004. Unless you're David Gest, of course.

Dylan can be seen blowing in the wind at Cardiff International Arena June 18; Newcastle Telewest Arena, 22 and Glasgow SECC, 23; Stormont Castle, Belfast, 26; Galway's Pearse Stadium, 27.

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