Wednesday, March 10, 2004

THERE AINT NO JUSTICE - JUST US: By pleading guilty and copping a USD500 fine, costs and a course of anger management classes, Jack White has managed to avoid going to jail for his attack on Jason Stollsteimer; he's also able to keep on maintaining that he was "defending principles of honor and integrity", according to a statement he made outside the court. "I rgeret allowing myself to be provoked to the point of getting into a fist fight." Which is kind of strange, because all the witnesses reported White turned up and started pummelling Jason; and if he was - as he's still claiming - "provoked", why on earth would he feel the need to plead guilty? Surely he should have been able quite easily to prove that he'd been provoked and had no choice? And what happened to the self-defence defence that White was claiming just after he beat Stollsteimer so badly his eyes still water as a result of the attack?

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