Tuesday, March 02, 2004

TURN ON, TUNE IN, DOWNLOAD: GWR stations are pioneering a new system which will allow listeners to instantly download a CD quality version of the song they're listening to. This is one of those radical and exciting things which would be more radical and exciting if GWR's tranche of stations wasn't so timid and predicitible in its playlists - if we were tuned in to, say, Marcher and wanted to hear the song currently being played again, we'd probably only have to wait about fifteen minutes before the computer spat it out again anyway.

Although the record companies should be delighted by this innovation - in effect, what GWR have managed to do is monetise home taping; instead of pressing play and record when the new Dido comes on, you click a 'buy' button; the trade-off is you have to pay cash, but get the whole thing rather than the whole thing missing the first two seconds and with a reminder that coming up after the news there'll be a chance to take part in the 'What's That Funny Farting Noise' competition.

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