Monday, April 26, 2004

AND WHAT DO YOU DO?: Pity the lot of the younger brother of the sole male heir. Not only do you know that - barring some sort of mishap with an American Divorcee, or perhaps some awful hereditry disease - your chances of ever getting the big job are slim, but when the royal duties are being handed out, you're going to get the shitty end of the stick time after time. So it is that Prince Harry (or "Ginger Royal") is luimbered with doing the few polite words with Avril Lavigne after this summer's Party In The Park. Harry will utter a few pleasantries scripted by the Lord Chamberlain's department, Avril will respond with a few words produced specially for the occasion by The Matrix.

Actually, as a grumpy teenager prone to drinking himself giddy on cider, it's quite possible that Harry likes Avril, although we're rather amused by the quote from "a friend of Prince Harry's":

"Not only will he see Avril sing, he'll also get to meet her backstage and will be able to take a few friends as well. Avril is no doubt very excited too about meeting a member of the Royal Family - and who knows what could happen."

Yeah, Avril's no doubt really excited about the chance to meet someone who's already faded down into his constitutional role as awkward, unemployable minor royal - the man set to inherit the Princess Margaret position in the nation's life as soon as he reaches twenty-one. It's on a par, we guess, with her excitement if she was due to meet the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of one of the larger New Universities. And we love the "who knows what could happen", throwing up the very toothsome possibility that it could lead to fucking, romance, dinner, a movie, an enagagement and a messy divorce (in that sort of order), in just the same way that The Queen used to wind up dating everyone she was obliged to meet backstage at the Royal Variety Performances.

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