Thursday, April 29, 2004

BY NEXT SUMMER, EVERY RECORD WILL FEATURE PETE DOHERTY IN SOME FORM OR OTHER: We like Pete Libertine, we really do, but the lamb's got to perhaps think about taking a rest, or sometimes saying "No", because if he keeps getting side gigs at the rate he's doing at the moment, he's going to wind up making a record with the Fimbles or Boobahs by mistake. His next trick is guesting on Client's Down To The Underground, b-side of their In It For The Money debut single. And who are Client, you ask?

They're Sarah Blackwood, who used to be in Dubstar, and Kate Holmes who did the girly vocal bits of Frazier Chorus many moons again (big favourites of Simon Mayo, of course, which probably accounts for why they never turned their promise into success.)

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