Monday, April 26, 2004

DAMN, BEING A FAN THESE DAYS IS HARD WORK: It's bad enough that you have to turn up at venues at given times, applaud, buy singles and so on - but these days, the music fan is being handed more and more responsibilty for deciding the band's futures. So Westlife say that it's up to the fans to decide if the band has a future; Marillion make their lives dependent on fans going the extra mile in the record buying department, and now Keith Duffy is telling Boyzone fans that the band will get back together if the fans show enough interest. He doesn't explain how this interest should be declared - there could be a referrendum for all we know - but he does say the band would like to do it so they can "put a closure on the band." Yes, we'd really like to see a closure put on the band - preferably a big wooden one with brass screws.

Keith also says he's sorted out his differences with Ronan - "there is a fine line between love and hate", he hints, tantalisingly. And he does seem to at least appreciate the ridiculous nature of what he used to do for a living:

"It's taken me five years to lose the Boyzone tag. I'm not sure I want to ponce around on stage as a grown man. I think we'd all need to sit on stools and sing songs like five Val Doonicans in a row. We could hardly be called Boyzone anymore since we've all grown up. We'd need to change our name to something like Manzone but that sounds like a New York gay club."

Yes, Keith, whereas Boyzone sounds so butch and not gay at all.

Keith also reveals the mad excesses of the band in the past:

"We thought we knew it all when we were 21, but we've learned how to respect people more. We were children. Once we bought a load of remote control planes for £2000 each and just flew them straight in to a lake and left them."

Lucky the FBI didn't hear about that, they'd probably have had them down as being involved in the trials for September 11th.

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