Wednesday, April 28, 2004

RIDING THE RAVE: Although it's unlikely to trouble the inside of stores until next Winter, plans are already well underway for the next Raveonettes album. The follow-up to Chain Gang of Love is going to be different, says Sune Rose Wagner:

"'Chain Gang of Love' was a strange take on American culture - very '60s and '50s. This record is probably going to deal with more universal issues that more people can relate to. 'Chain Gang of Love' was more a like a movie, fiction. Even though it has a lot of personal references, it has a funny sort of twist to it."

Well, they've only got forty tracks written for it so far, so you can't expect anything much clearer than that, can you? Happily, the 'nettes aren't so uncertain when it comes to comparing themselves with their current tour mates The Stokes. Sharin Foo:

"It seems like a good match even though we're quite different bands. Stylistically they have a more retro sound whereas we use a lot of samples. We're a bit more noisy and we're a sexier band as well - the music is much sexier."

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