Monday, April 26, 2004

SHE ALSO HAS SOME DAVID BOWIE LPS: Britney Spears arrives in London tonight, bringing with her obviously a lot of half-naked dancers, some skimpy pants, some backing tapes, and lots and lots of boxes of merchandise. She's expecting to knock out GBP5.6 million worth of souvenirs during the European leg of her tour, half of which goes straight to her organisation. During the US leg, she was flogging over USD150,000 worth of tat with her name on it, including the apparently very desirable "Onyx Hotel Fashion Jersey" (no, we don't have a clue). Blokes in the street with badly printed posters of Britney with last year's hairstyle are also expecting a bumper pay day, planning on flogging a few dozen copies at three quid each, very little of which will be passed to Britney.

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