Thursday, April 29, 2004

THINGS TO DO BY THE TIME YOU'RE THIRTY: Assuming the stalkers don't get her (another bloke has been caught breaking into her house, for the second time), Britney Spears has produced a list of things she'd like to do by the time she's thirty. This was for Marie Claire magazine, we suppose normally she just doodles puppies and flowers in the margins of her day book. Amongst the things Spears wants to do are get a puppy, and perhaps a child, buy a house in Spain (obviously spends afternoons watching A Place In The Sun, but it's nice to see that the change in government in Madrid hasn't put her off), make a movie with George Clooney, go to South Africa, be taken up the arse by Prince William and "to put rhinestones on people's phones." We made up one of those.

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