Saturday, April 17, 2004

"WOULD SIR LIKE THE DEVIL WOMAN SUITE OR THE MILLENNIUM PRAYER PENTHOUSE?": We don't have a problem with Cliff Richard investing in a hotel - he's a major backer of the Arora hotel in Manchester, but we do find ourselves totally puzzled at to what the "three or four Cliff-themed rooms" will be like. Two bibles in every room? No toilets? Double beds strictly forbidden. One of the greatest quotes of all time comes from Cliff's 'business partner' Bill Latham, who observes "Cliff is famous for his music, but he has business interests too which are less well known." Yeah, funny that - we bet Cliff finds it puzzling. "Everyone mentions Wired For Sound and We Don't Talk Anymore, but nobody ever comes up and says 'Cliff, we love the way you bought forty thousand non-voting shares in ContainerIncs', do they?"

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