Sunday, May 02, 2004

3MV GIVES UP THE GHOST: Bad news for the indie sector, as distribution company 3MV have gone out of business. The company website is in denial, but the two directors Dave Trafford and Max Kenny have issued a statement:

"3mv is a victim of the diminishing margins in sales and distribution. The market has grown tougher and the business model that has previously worked for us is viable no longer. Our situation has been compounded by the loss of a number of key clients in the last year. It's a very sad day for Max and myself, the whole team at 3mv, our roster and the independent sector as a whole."

Among 3MV's clients were V2, Rough Trade and Placid Casual, the Super Furry Animal's own label. An early casualty of the collapse has been Phantom Force, a bunch of Super Furries remixes by the likes of Llwyber Llaethog and Brave Captain. They've been trying to sort the problems out, but with all the discs in the hands of 3MV, even getting stuff out to Amazon has proved tricky.

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