Thursday, May 13, 2004

BLAME CANADA: Avril Lavigne has decided that it's time to quit her native Canada, for the odd reason that "it's too cold" (Tomorrow, Toronto is expected to be a chilly 21 celsius overnight, while Montreal is looking at a chilly 24 during the day on Sunday). Presumably, she's using the "weather" excuse to hide the truth, that she's a bit vacuous and wants to live in a shiny town where they make films and you can get sushi at any time of the day and night and the shoeshops are large. But in case any Canadians feel a bit miffed that she's pulling a Lennon ("pulling a Lennon: to mythologise a birthplace you flee as soon as your bank account allows you; to continue to express your love of a place despite wild horses not being enough to drag you back there"), she has pledged that she'll bring up her kids "to visit Canada. See? How bad can it be if she'll let her children treat it as a vacation location?

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