Monday, May 17, 2004

CAN YOU FIND THE STRAIGHTNERS?: How do you mark a low thirties entry for your single? In Pete Doherty's case, by heading straight for the Priory. Following what the NME describes as "a week of chaotic Babyshambles gigs", Pete's been dumped at the posh health club for a spot of drying out, straightening up and - if he's still there next Thursday - flying right, or basket making, depending on what he chooses.

Babyshambles gig-goers have been coming away from the nights afraid that Pete might be on the point of joining a Nick Drake and Kurt Cobain card school, and it seems his friends have decided enough is enough. is promising updates across the week.

It looks like the intervention might have come just in time, as Doherty was starting to resemble a German exchange student:

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Anonymous said...

Matt M. here - Sheila said he did a signing at thes store she works at a month ago and he was doing drugs in the bathroom. This is like the non suprise story of the decade I think though.

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