Monday, May 17, 2004

HELL IN PARADISE? MORE LIKE MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR: Remember Yoko Ono's Hell in Paradise? Really, you don't? But it was a mighty number twelve on the all-important Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart as recently as 1985? Surely you remember? You couldn't go into many Hot Dance Clubs without at least having a fifty-fifty chance of possibly hearing it back then. Anyway, the song is back - remixed for "today's club culture", according to Reuters.

Proving just why they're so great as a financial information company, Reuters are pretty excited by this resurrection, seeing it as timely:

Consider the song's first verse: "This is hell in paradise/We're all asleep or paralyzed/Why are we scared to verbalize/Our multicolor dreams."
Now, consider the song's second verse: "When will we come to realize/We're all stoned or pacified/While the boogie men organize/Their multilevel schemes."

Reteurs seem to have bought Ono's claims that the song is much more timely now than it was in 1985. Oddly, she admits that "when I wrote it, I wasn't sure what I was writing" but seems to have figured it out now - it's uncanny how she knew nearly twenty years ago that there'd be perfectly organized multilevel schemes. Why didn't we listen then? We could have stopped those damn boogiemen in their tracks. But no, we just scoffed, and now, look at us: When did you last verbalize your multicolor dreams? Not for a while, I bet. Please, this time: Listen to Yoko. When you're out shopping next, share a multicolor dream with the checkout girl, or a traffic warden. And please, at the European elections next month: vote out the boogiemen. Do it for John. It's what John would have wanted.

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