Tuesday, May 04, 2004

MIA KILLER GETS 36 YEARS: Jesus Mezquia, the man convicted of the brutal rape and murder of Mia Zapata, has been sentenced. The County Deputy Prosecutor Tim Bradshaw played the court a short film celebrating Zapata's life, before describing her as "an exceptional person." (How many State officials ever say that about punks when they're alive?). Bradshaw then asked the court for a show of hands to demonstrate how many people believed the sentence should go beyond the standard ten years. The result?

the courtroom, a sea of hands

King County Superior Court Judge Sharon Armstrong accepted the prosecution's argument, citing the horrific injuries discovered on Mia's body. Praising the warmth and fortitude of her friends, family and fans, Armstrong said "It is evident that Mia Zapata was an extraordinary person. It is obvious that she was very vibrant and that you loved her very much. It is almost 11 years after her death, but it's as though for many of you she is still alive."

Mezquia was sentenced to thirty six years.

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