Tuesday, May 25, 2004

OOH, THAT'S GOT TO HURT. OH, NO, HANG ON; IT DOESN'T: Simon Cowell has pronounced Christina better than Britney, which means the man who backed Gareth Gates and Girls Aloud has made another bad choice.

Oh, and he also says that if he'd been Britney, he'd "have gone to the gym" before dancing about in skimpy clothes. Yeah, because Britney's huge, isn't she? Cock.

Meanwhile, the much talked about Christina Aguilera Virgin advert has aired - supposedly the raunchiest thing she and they and anyone has ever done, you'll recall. Christina is seen through a window bouncing up and down on an office chair. People assume she's riding someone like a pony. Erm... that's it. Could we have the Appleton photocopying her arse back, please?

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