Saturday, May 29, 2004

STREISAND SETTLES: Barbara Streisand's flap about photos of her house popping up on the internet has cost her a whopping USD177,00 - those are the legal fees run up by environmentalist Kenneth Adelman defending himself against a ridiculous USD10 million lawsuit the singer brought against him for publishing pictures of her house online. She's hardly being gracious about the matter, though, with her legal team not ruling out further, equally spurious legal actions. She should have Madonna over for tea; she could ask Maddy about her attempts to throw people off open countryside.

Oddly, the website address that Yahoo report mentions doesn't actually host the California Coastline project site that was at the heart of the dispute. So, if you want to see what Barbara's house looks like, you can click here. The site itself is an attempt to document the entire length of California's coastline.

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