Tuesday, May 25, 2004

UNFIT... FIT: Disturbing news from the Libertines camp, where Pete Doherty has been kicked out of the Priory, apparently for going to the FA Cup Final. He was last seen offering to play a gig for cold, hard cash, and we hope someone tracks him down soon.

Meanwhile, the NME has apparently named Carl Barat "the fittest man in rock" or something, after some sort of survey or other.

He beat Alex Kapranos, a man who doesn't strike us as glowing with health, into second place. Mind you, if you stand next to Pete Doherty, you're going to look like you're fit as a bucther's dog, aren't you? Jesus, if they took Jeremy Bentham's stuffed body and popped him onstage next to Pete, everyone would be going "Ooh, that Bentham's looking good these days, isn't he?"

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