Monday, May 24, 2004

WE COULD BE HEROES? JUST FOR ONE DAY: Following on from this week's pop papers, we got this from Elvis Presley (not, we suspect, his given name):

Not that I'm not in love with the NME continuing to sign off big features with an actual signature from Conor, I feel then need to point out that the Heroes idea was nicked from Filter Magazine, which featured The Strokes and Lou Reed.
The same article in fact. The Ordinary Boys are shit and Weller would pose with Ian Huntley if he was a fan, pandered to his ego and got him within two pages of an NME cover. So, Morrisey meet Franz Ferdinand, a decent feature yes, but worth making a special out of? Also glad to see the paper's getting it's Strokes quota in without reverting to the old Time/Warner/IPC connections.

Actually, I kind of wish they'd done it like the old radio Five Chain Reaction series, so after Mozzer did the Franz, the Frannies would have then chosen the next interviewee, and done them, and so on and so on until such time as someone chose Weller and hell froze over.

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