Monday, June 07, 2004

GO OUT AND WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER: Gene Simmons probably holds the record for the most made-up businessman in history; he's kind of comfortable with that. Asked how come Kiss keep going when they've done so many "final tours" he replies:

"We did a farewell tour when it was clear that Ace couldn't continue. But after the tour was over, it became fairly obvious from fans that they wanted us to continue. Rock bands are a lot like football teams: If a guy is on drugs and messes up, get someone else who's proud to wear the uniform and be part of the team."

Yes... like a football team, or perhaps more accurately, a serving crew at Frisco Burger. It's kind of funny that he still goes on stage and sings 'Crazy Crazy Nights' when for him, a Crazy Night now would probably be not watching CNBC's Far Eastern share price ticker. In 2004, for Kiss, it's very much a question of 'how much can the market stand'? So, if there are complaints that there's too much Kiss merchandise, Simmons responds:

"Actually, we haven't put out enough, because a lot of it sells out. So whoever says there's too much Kiss merchandise is not a marketing expert."

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