Friday, June 11, 2004

A HEALTHY LEVY: Next time a moist-eyed music business executive tells you that its just so damn hard feeding his wife and kids with all this piracy about, you might want to cough politely and point out that somehow the supposedly stricken EMI has managed to find the cash to award its Chief Executive Alan Levy a forty-three percent payrise, bringing his annual earnings up to a million quid a year, for fear that he might go elsewhere. We're sure the guys who've been sacked by EMI this year will be delighted that all that cost-cutting has gone to ensure the company can really remain competitive. At least as far as grossly over-paying its not noticeably talented bosses are concerned, anyway. Levy was quoted in The Economist a while ago saying "Most people in the creative world think they artists themselves." Not him, obviously - imagine him trying to keep himself in cream cakes and golf clubs on the few quid they pay their main body of acts.

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