Saturday, June 12, 2004

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR DYE: Christina Aguilera seems to think that changing her image is as simple as, well, changing her hair colour:

"The funniest thing about it is, because I changed my hair colour to caramel, I'm reading these headlines, 'From Dirrty to demure,' and, 'From crass to class',' she was quoted as saying.
'It was cracking me up. Now Britney's the bad girl running wild and I am good girl in love, cleaning up. This is the new angle? We've changed roles, good girl and bad girl. It's so funny."

Except, of course, Britney has always been a bad girl; maybe it's just everyone's got tired of Christina confusing 'banging on boringly about how dirrty she is' with being actually, you know, deep down dirty.

Meanwhile, on the one-born-every-minute file, Britney Mobile Live allows you - for a small charge - to send a text message to Britney Spears. There's a vague promise that Britney might respond to selected messages but somehow, we find ourselves doubting that quite strongly. There are some messages that are meant to be from Ms Spears - I think we can see her hand in great messages like June 7, Britney: Happy Birthday Ellen! *Brit - there's no way a touching, personal message like that could have come from a flunky sat in a mobile phone company office, could it?

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