Tuesday, June 08, 2004

PUNKOBIT: Sadly, 'Punk Rock Guitarist found dead of suspected heroin overdose' is one of the most overused headlines of our age, and it's been run again for Robert Quine, former members of the Voidoids, dead at 61. It's believed he was suffering from depression following the death of his wife and mother over the last couple of years, becoming withdrawn from his family and living a reclusive life in his Manhattan loft. Relatives said they were saddened but not surprised by the news.

Originally coming from the hugely inspirational punk training ground of Akron, Ohio, Quine had relocated to New York in 1971, joining Richard Hell in the Voidoids. He spent the 80s working with Lou Reed and, less predictably, Lloyd Cole. Lou Reed acclaimed Quine as "an original and innovative tyro of the vintage beast [of guitar player]", while his second cousin Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys stressed the importance of music in Quine's life: "Music was his universe."

Amongst other artists he had worked with were Tom Waits, Marianne Faithfull and John Zorn.

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