Sunday, June 27, 2004

SOFABURY RETURNS: Supergrass are currently on the Pyramid stage, a replacement for The Libertines, which seems somehow a fair summation of the band: Supergrass are reliable, a good, solid group you can fall back on. But probably not a band who'd you'd call first. Gaz is wearing the whitest outfit at glastonbury since Sarah Nixey; it's not clear if its sweat or rain that is slowly turning it see-through.

Earlier: James Brown. He'd obviously heard that Gaz Coombes was coming in white, as he'd turned up in red. From the little bit we've seen so far - a horrible rearrangement of I Feel Good, with way too much overegging of the female backing singer's role, and James forgetting the words - it wouldn't have been too much of a loss if he'd had his passport taken off him by the judge.

BBC Three also dug out a clip from Joss Stone - last night she was headlining the Jazz World stage; today she got a canter around the Pyramid Stage. She was making the crowd sing, which is a horrible thing to do: firstly, it's like pulling the wings off bugs; sure, it shows you are big and powerful, but it doesn't make your behaviour any more pleasant. Secondly: it means that instead of hearing the person you've been waiting to sing doing their stuff, all you get to hear is the mushroom head next to you bellowing the wrong words to the wrong tune. Nobody deserves to be defeaned by a beardie on a trip just so Joss Stone gets her little power kick. Stone, by the way, currently looks indistinguishable from Bille Piper.

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