Saturday, June 26, 2004

SOFABURY: To be honest, with Strictly Come Dancing* on, and the threat of the fucking Frog Chorus, Glastonbury's going to have to work hard tonight. And you flick on, and there's Jamie Cullum, treating I Get A Kick Out Of You like it's a piece-of-shit scum off he's picked up on a street corner, jumping onto the piano to make a clannnng, singing it like he's a hostage reading his captor's demands, jumping onto the piano keyboard again. Good god, surely even The Sunday Times Culture section can see through this?

Soothing, soothing - Starsailor. We've got a soft spot for pudgy faced James Walsh and the Starsailor boys, and we especially like their little glance at U2-during-Live-Aid in-joke they did at the end of Silence is Easy. But boy, has James' hair gone to buggery in the Glastonbury rain. Solid-looking men with guitars has become a bit of a scary prospect, especially since Oasis went rotten so quickly; it's like something you once spent an evening puking after eating, it's hard to give it another chance, but Starsailor make it worth it. They're not just Embrace all over again. Promise.

The bbc wencam seems to have broken, as well, which means we've probably gone as far as we can with the glastocam. Unless someone fixes it.

* - Lesley was bloody robbed. Why on earth have the public kept voting to keep Christopher off eastenders in, week after week? That boy can't dance. His partner does all the work, he tends to either stand there or do a bit of walking about with buckled legs.

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