Wednesday, June 30, 2004

YOU CAN NEVER GO HOME AGAIN: It's probably not that surprising that Rick James lamented the loss of the old days when he picked up the lifetime achievement award at the Rhythm & Soul Awards on Monday. After all, a choice between being as sky-high as a kite on the Space Shuttle or having a stroke, being tossed in chokey, having a wonky hip... who wouldn't choose snorting enough drugs to lull a kraken back to sleep?

50 Cent won songwriter of the year, informing the audience that his drug of choice was "success" - we hear one underworld Mr Big has spent the last forty-eight hours beating the crap out of his sales team wanting to know who's supplying 50 Cent with this "success" and how soon they can cut him out the market. Jay-Z also picked an award up, which he did in the name of Hip-Hop.

Jay-Z also felt the full force of accoladation at the BET awards, being named top male hip-hop artist. Beyonce Wig was top female R&B artist, and they shared an award for working together on Crazy in Love. Outkast took best video and best group; Usher picked up male R&B artist and Kayne West won best new artist.

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