Friday, July 02, 2004

FRED DURST'S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Presumably relieved by the court decision that he's not responsible for the injuries at the Limp Bizkit gig, Fred Durst has returned with his thinking:

who knows why i am talking about this. come to think of it i could care less who knows why i do and say what i do because i am excepting the fact that an interpretation of what is going on inside of me will only scratch the surface of how real and intimate it is experiencing it first hand. we all hold that advantage when it comes to our own lives

Yes, and we are excepting of you, too, Fred.

He's also contributed a playlist to iTunes, which he seems to think is some sort of secret:

A New Level-Pantera
Blue Monday-Flunk
Card Tricks-Seaweed
Closedown-The Cure
Coming Down-dig
Cursed Male-Porno for Pyros
Dissident-Pearl Jam
Feels Like the First Time-Foreigner
Give It-Helmet
Good Lookin' Out-Sick of It All
Los Angeles Is Burning-Bad Religion
Low-Foo Fighters
Obstacle 1-Interpol
She Sells Sanctuary-The Cult
Something in the Way-Nirvana
Undercovers On-Rival Schools

Fischerspooner? What are you, Fred, some kind of faggot?

More seriously, we're somewhat shocked at the decision of the Michigan Court of Appeal that Fred and the band weren't responsible for injuries at a Bizkit gig following Fred's onstage encouragement of people to storm from the seats onto the main floor of the venue. We can only wonder if they read Fred's writing and assumed he must be a legal minor and thus not responsible for his actions. In effect, the Michigan Court of Appeal seem to have overthrown that old chestnut about Freedom of Speech: now, it seems, you can shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre.

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