Thursday, July 01, 2004

JOURNALISTS FIGHT BACK. IN RUSSIA, AT LEAST: Russian pop star Filip Kirkorov is locked in a legal battle with regional TV news reporter Irina Aroyan. Aroyan asked Kirkorov a question about his large number of covers, which prompted Kirkorov to go into one, firing off a large number of rudes and filthies. Now, most journalists would take that on the chin and head off to write about the bloke's incredibly small penis.

Nor Irina. She decided that this was a violation of the Russian Criminal Code, which prescribes twelve months of corrective works for anyone who humiliates human dignity.

Kirkorov, of course, is launching a counter-claim, suggesting that the scandal has given him hypertensions. Goodness - reporters unable to take an attack on their dignity and pop stars with fits of the vapours. It's a different world, isn't it?

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