Tuesday, July 13, 2004

LOVE'S OFF THE WARD: Whatever her matter was down there, it's been cleared up and Courtney is out of hospital. Meanwhile, her lawyer has been talking to Reuters about her non-appearance in court on Friday:

"I don't think that she deserves special treatment, but I do think that a reasonable person in circumstances such as hers can be confused with respect to these things."

He doesn't elaborate on what "circumstances such as hers" actually means - addled beyond belief by drugs? Juggling so many court cases that she can't keep track? Or simply floating six miles above the surface of the planet? - but surely part of the job of hotshot laywers is to ensure their clients turn up on time, where they're supposed to, and dressed relatively smartly? (We watched both seasons of Murder One, so we consider ourselves to be something of an expert in this field). Especially if the lawyer believes that circumstances make their clients less able to keep track of their many hearings. If I was Courtney, I'd be asking my lawyer why I wasn't there every bit as strictly as the judge was.

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