Friday, July 16, 2004

MOTHER UNDERSTANDS: Apparently, Christina Aguilera's mum was a bit upset when her daughter stopped appearing in sensible jerseys and skirts and decided to wear her knickers as daywear. But now, she's starting to understand why Christina chooses semi-nudity. No, it's not to titilate men, silly:

"She gets next to no negative mail. I believe that people are beginning to finally understand the message behind it all. The people who respond and the lives her message is changing far outnumbers the minority of critics who simply aren't grasping what she's doing.
Christina and I usually don't talk 'business' at all, but she has asked me often concerning my feelings... wanting to make sure I knew what she was doing behind it all.
She never even needed to explain. I've loved every bit of it, and I'm so very proud the she is one of very few out there who have the courage to be herself and work tirelessly at sending out messages of self worth, independence and strength to females today. Those who remain clueless are missing so much."

So, there you have it - Shelly Keans knows that when her daughter gets 'em out, it's a positive message about female empowerment. On which basis, Razzle must be the most significant feminist tract this side of A Vindicatation of The Rights of Women.

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