Monday, July 19, 2004

MR. MORRISSEY MOURNS: Mozzer has pulled out of his Fuji Festival appearance in Japan because of some sort of disagreement over his "performance." Perhaps more importantly, Morrissey has been talking about Arthur Kane, the New York Dolls bassist who died last week:

"I am personally very grateful to Arthur for his essential contribution to the Dolls and their music.He has left us with some great musical memories – especially ‘Private World’ and ’It’s Too Late’.
He was a very gentle soul and I know he lived for many years with the hope of a Dolls reunion. When this happened – at the Royal Festival Hall in June – I know Arthur was thrilled to be back with David and Sylvain playing the music of the Dolls to such enthusiastic crowds over two nights.
I will always remember the look of bashful happiness on Arthur’s face as people in the audience constantly called out his name. He was finally back where he belonged."

The reunion, of course, was brokered by Morrissey as part of his Meltdown curatorial duties.

While we're on the subject, the New York Dolls management have also released a statement:

Arthur "Killer" Kane died Tuesday in Los Angeles of complications related to leukaemia. He was the bass guitarist for the legendary rock band The New York Dolls which achieved great success in the early 1970's.
He was born in New York February 3, 1949. In 1972 he helped form The Dolls and revolutionised rock and roll in the United States, in England and around the world.
After a 27-year break-up the Dolls reunited for two sold-out shows in London last month. The ability to perform again with his band mates and to bring joy to fans for a last time pleased Arthur tremendously.
He was a beloved friend, church member and rock star and his gentle and sweet influence will be missed. He was a great example of meekness, kindness and of enduring to the end."

The "church member" reference is an acknowledgement of Kane's Mormonism. Kane seems to be an unlikely member of the Osmond's church, but was apparently an enthusiastic convert and well-respected by his peers.

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