Tuesday, July 06, 2004

RECAPTURE THAT SPARK: An opportunity to muse on what might have been, as Oasis reformat Definitely Maybe as a DVD for the tenth anniversary reissue, complete with live footage of the band at a time when they weren't just bloody annoying:

'Rock 'N' Roll Star’ - 'Top Of The Pops', September 1994
‘Shakermaker’ - 'Naked City', June 1994
‘Live Forever’ - Glastonbury, June 1994
‘Up In The Sky’ - Chicago Metro, October 1994
‘Columbia’ - Hammersmith Palais, December 1994
‘Supersonic’ - 'The Word', March 1994
‘Bring It On Down’ - Gleneagles, February 1994
‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ - Southampton Guildhall, November 1994
‘Digsy’s Dinner’ - Buckley Tivoli, August 1994
‘Slide Away’ - New York Wetlands, July 1994
‘Married With Children’ - Los Angeles Whiskey A Go Go, September 1994
‘Sad Song’ - 'Later With Jools Holland', December 1994

Especially cool is the inclusion of the Buckley Tivoli gig, which is a rare opportunity to peer at one of the finest quirky little venues of our time.

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