Wednesday, July 14, 2004

THE SONG RAMONES THE SHAME: An extraordinary hostage crisis is developing in the US, where John Rey is being accused of holding Joey Ramone's last recordings against their will. We bet it's not about the money, is it, Rey?

"It has nothing to do with money. I'm just concerned with protecting Joey's musical legacy. These should be released as an album of demos. This is stuff that me and Joey did together."

Oh, that's alright, then. So long as its about the legacy. Joey's brother, Mickey Leigh (must be a half brother, as he doesn't have the same surname), isn't quite so sure:

"We've been trying to get Daniel to hand them back since Joey died. They don't belong to him."

Since Rey isn't worried about cash, and just wants the recordings to get out there, we've got an idea: why doesn't he stick them on soulseek? Joey's legacy will be complete, and he'll clearly have been demonstrated to be above the hunt of filthy lucre in the process. Everyone will be happy.

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