Thursday, July 15, 2004

THERE'S LUCKY, CHRISTINA: The world was worried to hear that, while Christina wasn't able to single a note with her voice on her usual tour, but she was going to have to try and croak out some songs for people paying for private shows. We can rest easy in our beds tonight, though, for the promoter of Xtina's Philadelphia hoopla has gone down the tubes and so she won't be called upon to put any extra strain on that delicate voicebox.

It'll give her a little longer to concentrate on Christina's restuarant. Oh, yes, following on from Britney's dabbling in the haute cuisine market, Nylon, Chris is planning to open a place. It'll also be named after London - Little London - and it'll also go out of business in a hurry. Her plan is to serve "British food" like, erm, Sunday Roasts and fish and chips. We're not sure when Christina has ever had traditional British food or, to be honest, digested any food at all over the last few years, which may account for why she thinks this will be a good idea.

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