Wednesday, August 11, 2004

ACTUALLY, ROBBIE, MAYBE YOUR LIFE IS EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS AFTER ALL: Robbie Williams was, you'll recall, telling us what an aching void his existence was a few weeks ago. Not that that's stopped him producing a second volume of autobiography. So, what's he filled this book with? Actually, some guff about his obsession with David Beckham's hair - this seems to be the highlight they're trailing the book with, so god alone knows what the filler is going to be like. Williams reveals that he tried to grow his hair "really fast" to compete with David Beckham, "[b]ut Robbie later decided that longer locks made his face look like a football - so had them cut off." No, Robbie, it wasn't your hair that made your face look like a football. That would be the pies.

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