Sunday, August 22, 2004

ALL THE BACKSTAGE BOYS: An interesting email from Elvis Presley:

This story [about the 'exclusive' backstage VIP sessions] has obviously come from a press release doled out by Virgin (and/or PR Cake Media), which begs the question, why? Do the paying public want to know that whilst they're knee-deep in white wine and collapsible camping chairs from Millets, the choice second-string turns will be putting on intimate and exclusive sets to the Virgin marketing team and their corporate clients? Those who can't be arsed to walk out amonst the great unwashed can now stay at the VIP bar and have bands come to them, making it even easier to bray loudly to each other whilst not giving a shit who's playing. It's not even the backstage area, it's the VIP area within the backstage area. After the Chili Peppers golden circle bollocks are we heading to a two-tired festival system? Glastonbury's got its problems but I can't see Michael Eavis ever agreeing to this kind of elitism.
Of course I might be coming at this from the wrong angle: Maybe Virgin are pleased to announce that this year they've done all they can to keep the wankers penned in and away from the people who pay to watch bands and enjoy music.

To which we can add nothing other than some nodding.

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