Sunday, August 29, 2004

FROM GOTHROCK GODS TO THE NEW DAPHNE AND CELESTE: Despite their supposed role as dark and sinister goth warriors, The Rasmus have backed down in the face of some kids with mud. The audience at Reading had put up with a lot - people charging a fiver for a shower, the railways closing down, rain pouring on them like they'd pissed God off - but asking them to listen to The Rasmus just proved too much. In a hail of mud and bottles, the Goth Warriors ran away back to Finland after a couple of songs. Bless.

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Pierre said...

I never quite understood why people hate the Rasmus so much. In The Shadows is an alright song. Sure they won't make anything worthwhile again but neither did Spin Doctors, Crash Test Dummies, Bruce Hornsby, Double, Stiltskin and Doctor and The Medics after their brief glimpse of fame.

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