Wednesday, August 04, 2004

HE'S SORRY. AGAIN: Pete Doherty has issued something almost like an apology for not playing the Barfly the other night:

"Pete Doherty would like to apologise to everyone who turned up to The Barfly in Camden last night (Monday the 2nd of August). Pete turned up at the venue at 11pm with his guitar tech and encountered problems at the door. A doorman refused to let the tech in and…a number of fans who had gathered at the entrance.
Pete said: "We have played at venues up and down the country on this tour, some of which had no security, and have encountered no problems. I simply asked the bouncer last night to apologise for his behaviour, and he refused. I was very upset at his attitude and…I'm very sorry for letting everyone down."

It might be considered that turning up at eleven o'clock could have been the root of the problem there, of course, but at least it's an apology of sorts. And, hey, bet that showed the "rude" bouncer, eh?

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