Saturday, August 14, 2004

KORN ON THE COB: As we mentioned earlier this week, Korn have covered Cameo's Word Up (not even an especially original choice for a rock band to turn their hands to, of course); but apparently it's about more than pretending they can fill Larry Blackmon's codpiece, they told Launch Radio Networks:

"It was just this great song with a good hook, and it kind of opened the door for a lot of people to listen to rap and hip-hop," said guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer. "It turned a lot of white kids onto it, so I thought that was cool. And, you know, our version's, I think, gonna kinda do the same."

Righto, then... apart from the lamebrained suggestion that by 1986 people still needed "turning onto" Hip Hop, we're not entirely sure how releasing a mussy rock version of a song is going to introduce kids to urban music. After all, with Usher at Number One in the states forever, it's hardly an underground, unknown phenomenon, is it? Maybe Korn might think about introducing the kids to country next.

It could get worse: Korn have recorded a version of Fight The Power. We're not joking, either.

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