Tuesday, August 03, 2004

MAKING MOVIES: We'd have thought that of all the time to be launching a weepy, made-for-TV movie based on the life of Michael Jackson, now would be probably the worst. That hasn't stopped VH-1 from pushing full steam ahead with 'Man In The Mirror', a Jacko life story that tells his tale from when he was in a cute little boy band up until he may or mayn't have been in a cute little boy. While we can see the attraction of producing a fictionalised account of the Jackson story - or "the case for defence" as it could also be known - is this the time? Wait a couple of months, and you could have a proper ending; as it is, the VH1 flick will time out just as Michael reluctantly turns up in court to deny touching boys in a wrong way. Making the whole thing smell ever so slightly of contempt of court, the movie winds up with Jackson's dance outside the court. But we're sure Viacom's lawyers are happy with the product, right?

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