Tuesday, August 10, 2004

THE MARQUEE RETURNS. AGAIN: We've always had our doubts about "moving" clubs - the Liverpool Lomax never really felt quite the same after its first decamping and killed itself stone dead after its second move; it might have been only bricks and mortar, but somehow you lose the sense of history and connection. It's worse when the club is being run by someone else entirely in its new home. No connection at all. Which is why we wish The Marquee well - now being resurrected for, what, the third time? - but fear its well-meaning backers would have been better advised to try and create something new and of the now, rather than reaching for an off-the-shelf rebirthing. The team behind the music programme at the new new Marquee are the same promoters who've put the Water Rats on the map, but that just makes it all the more the more puzzling that this project has chosen a forty year old venue name to slap on its operations. They're moving in above the MTV studios in Leicester Square (which in itself suggests they're going to need an awful lot of business just to pay the rent), and they're promising some great new bands to play. It's just a pity they're doing it under some other generation's banner.

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